The Red Bull RB18 was shown to the public on Wednesday, making Red Bull the second team to showcase their 2022 F1 vehicle design.

The 2021 Formula One season is fast approaching, and Red Bull is the latest team to reveal their new car, or at least a show version of it, as well as a new team name ahead of the 2022 season, Oracle Red Bull Racing.

As Red Bull announces a name change for the 2022 season, their title sponsor Oracle will take over Red Bull’s branding. However, the team’s launch livery features the usual blue, yellow, and red colours.

TAG Heuer started the countdown to the launch event with the release of the TAG Heuer Red Bull Racing Special Edition Formula 1 watch.

The RB18 is Red Bull’s first car built under the new Formula One regulations, with Technical Director Pierre Wáche and Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey in charge of design.

Max Verstappen, the 2021 Formula One World Champion, detailed his expectations and preparations for the next season, as well as the car he will use to defend his first F1 title.

“I’m feeling recharged and ready to get driving again, I feel good and it’s important that you prepare yourself in the best way possible physically, particularly when things are changing with the shakeup in regulations,” Verstappen said.

“In terms of the car, we don’t know what to fully expect so I’m excited to see how the car behaves on the track for the first time. The biggest adaptation this season will be the new regulations, we’ll need some time to get used to the car, it is not like you just jump in and it’s an upgrade from last year.

“The rest is pretty straightforward, I don’t feel any extra pressure this season, I will just do what I do all the time because I don’t think there is any reason to be different.

“Now I just I can’t wait for that first moment when I drive out of the pitlane in the RB18,” he concluded.

His teammate Sergio Perez, who is in his second season with the team said: “I am so excited to start the new season and I cannot wait to be on track with the new RB18.

“All of us on the grid are starting from zero this season so it is set to be an exciting year. Last year, we gave it our all until the very last lap and we are ready to do the same in 2022.”

“The new regulations are said to improve the competition on track, so I hope that for us as drivers we can compete more, race more and follow each other more closely.”

“There will be a lot of things we need to learn and adapt to but these new regulations are set to make everything very interesting.”

“One thing I can’t wait for this season is to see more fans back at the track, Formula One is growing so much all over the world so I can’t wait to feel that atmosphere again.”

“I hope that we can give the fans great entertainment and great racing,” the Mexican concluded.

The 2022 season is expected to be more exciting than most, since the sport has implemented a slew of the new technological regulations, with the aerodynamic make-up of the vehicles changing considerably from 2021 and previous years.

Having been locked out in a tense title fight with Mercedes, Oracle Red Bull will also aim to be at the top of the grid, after Max Verstappen won the F1 Drivers’ Title while Mercedes took home the Constructors’ title.

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