Red Bull suffer a major setback as 2024 car fails FIA crash test

Red Bull suffer a major setback as 2024 car fails crash test

There is a growing rumor in the Formula 1 paddock that Red Bull’s RB20 might have possibly suffered a major setback by failing its FIA crash test, according to Motorsport Italia.

Red Bull’s development of its 2024 Formula 1 contender could possibly have suffered a major blow weeks before its initial shakedown, as the latest version of their car failed an initial crash test in December due to complications with the chassis.

The frontal crash test was reportedly conducted before Christmas Day, and the test’s failure indicates that it did not meet the necessary energy absorption standards to be certified as safe by the FIA and ultimately get approval for homologation.

With this setback, Red Bull now stands as the only team to fail in the most recent FIA tests, which raises concerns about the team’s progress over winter break and potential effects regarding their 2024 season.

Although this report is still unverified, it raises questions about potential challenges that the squad and champion driver Max Verstappen might be facing as they make preparations for the 2024 campaign. It’s crucial to remember, however, that such kinds of developments tend to be a sign of a team pushing the limits of ingenuity while adhering to the rules of the sport—not always cause for concern.

According to reports from Motorsport Italia, Red Bull is allegedly taking greater risks in their quest for the lightest nose in order to meet the minimum weight requirement of 798 kg.

In 2019, Lewis Hamilton stated in an interview with The Graham Norton Show that a kg of weight is equivalent to three tenths of a second each lap, meaning that any weight reduction might result in a significant advantage.

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A lighter nose also translates into a front end that is more responsive and sensitive. Accordingly, the car will be more vulnerable to oversteer and require less steering input, which will be more in line with the driving accuracy and style of three-time world champion Max Verstappen.

Red Bull will take action right away should these rumours prove to be accurate, it is unlikely to take long up until the car undergoes another test following a redesign that includes tweaks to the design to address the problems found in the first test.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner and chief technology officer Adrian Newey have earned recognition for their adept handling of such challenges. Their knowledge and expertise will be essential in solving any potential shortcomings in design and keeping up with the lightning-fast development pace necessary to succeed at the highest level of competition.

The rumors also cast doubt on Max Verstappen’s earlier remarks regarding the RB19’s shortcomings in spite of its overall performance.

“It helps if we know what direction we are working in,” Verstappen told “Mainly I think just street circuits and low-speed, kerbing.

“These kinds of things, I think we are not the best at the moment.”

Red Bull’s 2022 chassis also failed a frontal crash test one month ahead of pre-season testing. Nevertheless, the RB18 went on to shatter records and won the championship, therefore the failure was insignificant.

Verstappen achieved the record for the most victories by a driver in a season with 15, as Red Bull collected 759 constructors’ championship points as well as 17 race victories.

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