Red Bull gets trophy broken again after Belgian Grand Prix win

Red Bull gets trophy broken again after Belgian Grand Prix win

Red Bull could only watch as another trophy broken after Verstappen’s Belgian Grand Prix win at Spa-Francorchamps just a week after Lando Norris smashed the race winner’s trophy in Hungary.

For the second weekend in a row, Red Bull negligently handled a Formula 1 trophy after the Belgian Grand Prix was easily won by Max Verstappen. Red Bull celebrated as a team after teammate Sergio Perez came in second, extending the squad’s incredible season-long success.

However, one of the team’s trophies suffered damage during the post-race festivities. Things got out of hand during the routine group photo the Red Bull personnel took after the race and one of the team’s trophies fell to the ground as a result.

Red Bull staff can be seen running toward the camera to celebrate in their typical manner in a video that was uploaded to the company’s social media pages. However, it looks like someone trips and Verstappen can be heard yelling: “It’s broken again! The trophy is broken again!”

A staff member accidently knocks over the board celebrating Perez’s second-place finish in a clip released on the team’s TikTok account. The constructors’ trophy, which looks to have been hit by it, was knocked to the ground.

Red Bull boss Helmut Marko helped prevent damage to the other two trophies. The Austrian was spotted clutching on Perez and Verstappen’s respective cup trophies while the other was knocked to the ground.

Surprisingly, it occurs just one week after the Dutch driver’s championship trophy from the Hungarian Grand Prix came crashing down on the podium. By accidentally knocking the top step with his champagne bottle, Lando Norris sent the porcelain trophy tumbling.

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The McLaren driver apologized for the damage he had done. However, he continued to make it clear that he has no plans to make any changes on how he celebrates a podium moving forward.

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