Red Bull employee who accused Christian Horner ‘in tears’ after suspension

Red Bull employee who accused Christian Horner 'in tears' after suspension

The Red Bull employee appealing the decision to clear Christian Horner of inappropriate behaviour is reported to be “breaking down in tears and lonely” after being placed on temporary suspension by the team.

According to reports, the Red Bull employee who accused team principal Christian Horner of inappropriate behaviour has been left “angry, scared, intimidated, and lonely” following her suspension after the claim she made was dismissed.

This comes after claims of inappropriate behaviour were made against the reigning Formula One world champions team boss in February, which prompted Red Bull executives to open an investigation.

The energy drink manufacturer dismissed the female employee’s allegations, which Horner had repeatedly denied and was ultimately cleared of any misconduct.

The employee, whose name has been withheld, further accused Horner of acting in a controlling behaviour, and Red Bull allegedly placed her on paid leave after this.

The employee signed a legal agreement promising not to disclose anything publicly, therefore she remains anonymous and is unable to speak about her claims. But in an open discussion with BBC Sport, the lady’s friend—who wishes to remain anonymous too—expressed concerns about the effects the encounter is having on her.

“It’s impossible for people to understand what it’s like for her,” said the friend. “She can’t talk and she won’t talk. But I can tell you what it is doing to her.

“Every time I have asked her something, she breaks down in tears and says she’s got no-one to talk to because she’s not allowed to talk.”

She opened up about the woman’s emotional state, claiming: “She is very upset, very angry, very scared, very intimidated, very lonely.

“And I think it’s impossible for people to understand without being in her shoes what it’s like for her. She is determined for the truth to come out.

“It’s pretty clear she has not been able to say a word or even identify herself.”

Though Horner was deemed clear of any misconduct, the complainant appealed Red Bull’s decision and thereafter requested an investigation by the FIA as the friend believed the team boss would use every means possible to keep the employment tribunal private.

On the other hand, if the case proceeds to an employment tribunal, it could potentially make the confidential details go public. The complainant is reportedly determined to return to work in F1, having been in motorsport her entire life.

Horner has carried with his team duties throughout the investigation, conducting business as usual despite the fact that he wasn’t allowed to comment on the issue directly. The friend of the accuser feels this was unfair, claiming that Horner had influenced opinion during the investigation by leveraging his profile.

“It is registered to go to an employment tribunal, which is public,” she added. “As a friend, I can tell you I would assume that Horner, like he has done every step of the way, will do everything he can to make sure that the employee tribunal is not public.

“Unfortunately, the date is a long time away. She has been threatened with legalese every step of the way, as has the media. She has now been suspended and it’s clear that’s Red Bull following a process to eventually fire her.”

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