Red Bull addresses reports that Sergio Perez is set for a pay cut

Red Bull addresses reports that Sergio Perez is set for a pay cut

According to reports, Red Bull driver Sergio Perez may soon see his pay reduced as a result of the expanding gap between him and Max Verstappen.

Red Bull’s chief advisor, Dr. Helmut Marko has categorically denied recent rumors that Sergio Perez is going to get a pay cut for the upcoming 2024 Formula 1 season.

The point difference between Perez and teammate Max Verstappen has sparked speculation regarding potential clauses but Marko has denied the idea, pointing out that the team’s contracts are scrupulously monitored and do not contain such provisions.

According to rumours, Perez’s points deficit against Verstappen could trigger contractual clauses that would lower the Mexican driver’s pay for the upcoming season.

Marko, however, strongly denied these claims calling them idle speculation. The 80-year-old Austrian said he doesn’t know where the reports were coming from in a conversation with Sport1.

“I don’t know where that’s coming from,” the Austrian said. “It’s completely out of thin air.

“The contracts are strictly regulated… There will be no pay cuts.”

Discussions over Perez’s performance trend have recently arisen as a result of his notable point deficit to Verstappen.

Marko expressed delight with Perez’s recent turnaround following a difficult spell despite these discrepancies. He also acknowledged that Perez had experienced some ambiguity and said the driver was in a bit of a crisis, but he got the curve back in the last two races.

The Red Bull advisor also acknowledged Verstappen’s present invincibility.

“Verstappen is just unbeatable at the moment,” he said. “Perez can’t do it, but neither can any other driver.

“We have no reason to think about measures that affect Perez.”

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Red Bull’s dedication to its drivers and their current contractual arrangements is further underlined by Marko’s remarks. It also serves as a reminder of the potential effects on Perez’s future career if he is unable to compete with his teammate.

Perez is currently 125 points adrift of Verstappen and only 40 points ahead of Fernando Alonso as we enter the summer break. The Mexican is driving the fastest car on the grid, but he runs the risk of finishing P4 in the Drivers’ Standings while his teammate wins the championship.

Given that Perez’s contract expires at the conclusion of the 2024 season, Red Bull will undoubtedly have concerns about his ability to perform for the team if he fails to finish in P2 in the Drivers’ Standings.

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