Reasons behind Ferrari’s woes following double elimination in the qualifiers

Reasons behind Ferrari's woes following double elimination in the qualifiers

This year’s qualifiers turned out to be the worst for the Ferrari team after Leclerc and Vettel ended up ranking 13th and 14th in the overall qualifying standings, they also had the worst second round qualifiers after they had been both eliminated.

Sebastian Vettel said they had tried everything and also put a lot of effort the previous night to make things a little better. They had tried to add more downforce to the car but things got even worse through the second qualifying round as Charles Leclerc ended up 17th and Vettel last.

Reasons behind Ferrari's woes following double elimination in the qualifiers
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Miserable enough is that their two cars were slower than their pace at Spa-Francorchamps last year having a gap of 1.317s as willims turned out quicker by making a 2.424s difference from 2019.

A close comparison to the stats shows that the SF1000 is slower and less stable than the 2019 car, the 2020 car also lifts along the flats which is unlikely in other cars.

Data and analysis which were pulled out from the speed trap at the top of the Kemmel straight shows that Charles Leclerc is 12km/hr slower than 2019 having recorded a speed of 345km/hr, this shows that lack of power is also a problem.

Trying to solve the power issue problem they reduced the downforce from the SF1000, but they ended up creating a problem with getting the tyres to the right window so the drivers are lacking grip both when accelerating and braking and this badly influences their performance.

However their car has made it two times to the podium with Leclerc despite their struggles this season, it shows their strategies have not paid off. They could end up being in the midfied in the constructors’ championship which is unheard of from the team that ranks among the top. It could be their worst performance since 1980(40 years ago).

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