Porsche ends bid to enter F1 in 2026

Porsche ends bid to enter F1 in 2026

Porsche’s ambition of racing in Formula 1 has apparently come to an end after they reportedly abandoned up on getting a slot on the 2026 grid.

Porsche and Audi both declared their intentions to compete for a Formula 1 grid spot in April 2022, according to parent company Volkswagen, but over a year later, Audi has been significantly more successful in their quest.

Audi has already secured its place in 2026 after investing in Sauber and establishing their status as a power unit supplier, while Porsche’s attempt currently seems to be in jeopardy.

Porsche sought to collaborate with an established team, but Audi had always sought to build their own team. Nevertheless, it appears that they were unable to secure a partner.

A rumored agreement between Red Bull and Porsche in September 2022 fell through in the last stages of negotiations as both parties fought for ownership of the team. With their powertrain unit, Red Bull would ultimately collaborate with Ford.

Yet despite the German manufacturer’s assurance that they were still looking for a Formula 1 slot, there hasn’t been any discussion of another team joining forces with them since then.

The Race reports that Porsche would instead concentrate their efforts on other racing series. The company is presently competing in Formula E and is preparing to enter Le Mans as part of their 963 Hypercar project and it now looks that the idea is off.

Here is a clear account of events that happened at Porsche in their bid to enter Formula 1:

After Formula 1 announced that engine upgrades wouldn’t be made until 2026 in May 2019, Porsche considered entering the F1 championship, designing and testing an engine, and then repurposing it for the WEC.

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In 2021 November, the recently hired CEO of Porsche Racing, Thomas Laudenbach, claimed that plans for a potential Formula 1 entry were starting to take shape.

Later, new engine regulations, intended to be both more affordable and environmentally friendly, were confirmed by the FIA in December 2021 and will take effect from the 2026 season.

In February 2022 There are rumors that a prospective deal between Porsche and Red Bull to provide the team’s engines is nearing completion. Herbert Diess, CEO of parent company Volkswagen, affirms that both Audi and Porsche would try to enter Formula 1 on April 2022

In August 2022 ahead of a rumored takeover of Sauber, Audi confirms they would join the sport as a power unit supplier.

Porsche’s agreement with Red Bull fails at the last hurdle in September 2022. According to reports, the two sides can’t agree on who should have final authority over the group.

Audi names Sauber as the team’s “strategic partner” in October 2022 and the Swiss racing team will represent Audi from 2026.

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