Norris and McLaren tease Hamilton after disqualification in US

Norris and McLaren tease Hamilton after disqualification in US

Lewis Hamilton has been teased by Lando Norris and his McLaren team on X, formerly known as Twitter, after the Mercedes driver was disqualified and Norris took second place in the US Grand Prix.

This comes after Sunday’s race at the Circuit of Americas where the Formula 1 stewards disqualified Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc for having excessive wear on their skid blocks.

According to the regulations, the driver of a Formula 1 car will be disqualified if the plank on the car exhibits wear of more than 1mm. Both of the cars were found to have disregarded this regulation after a random inspection following the race.

As a result, Norris—who had been overcome by Hamilton in the final laps of the race as Hamilton tried to catch ultimate race winner Max Verstappen—moved up the rankings to finish in second place and win his 100th career Grand Prix.

The fact that Norris was able to move ahead of Leclerc in the drivers’ championship as a result of Leclerc’s disqualification shows what an outstanding job the young British driver has been doing in 2023, especially after the British Grand Prix.

In a humorously edited photo of himself holding his third-place trophy, Norris thanked Hamilton for the “gift” of second place in a post on his X account.

Teams across the paddock anxiously waited for word if their race outcomes would change after a statement late last night indicated that both Hamilton and Leclerc were under investigation.

There was a tense wait for teams across the paddock to see if their outcome would change after a statement was made late last night stating that both Hamilton and Leclerc were under investigation.

As a result of the consequent disqualifications, Williams benefited greatly as both of its drivers went from having no points to finishing in ninth and tenth place, respectively. Eventually, Logan Sargeant got the chance to earn his first-ever F1 point.

Some felt that Hamilton had been cheated out of what would have been a very strong weekend performance from the seven-time world champion, one in which he was able to once again demonstrate that he still possesses the capabilities necessary to compete with younger drivers.

However, McLaren captured a variety of feelings that many of their fans, as well as supporters of other teams, would have experienced after they got their results updated following the disqualifications.

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