Nikita Mazepin loses High Court case to lift UK sanctions

Nikita Mazepin loses High Court case to lift UK sanctions

Russian racing driver Nikita Mazepin lost a High Court appeal against UK government officials in an effort to have sanctions against him lifted.

Nikita Mazepin raced in the 2021 Formula 1 season before having his contract terminated by Haas and receiving sanctions from the UK and the EU after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February of last year, Mazepin and his oligarch father Dmitry were subject to sanctions. His father is thought to be closely associated with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Canada and the European Union also imposed sanctions on the former Formula 1 racer. Mazepin filed a lawsuit challenging the UK sanctions, but the judge of the High Court dismissed the case.

Mazepin’s assets in the UK have been frozen as a result of some of the sanctions. Additionally, it indicates that he is subject to a travel ban that prevents him from traveling to the UK, which was the reason the Russian driver filed a lawsuit.

The Russian required the sanctions to be lifted, according to his attorneys, in order to leave for the UK and meet with F1 teams to discuss his future. He still has intentions of pursuing the sport once more, which is evident from his case.

However, the judge declared that he felt “quite satisfied” with the proof that his sanctions should be lifted. But as long as Mazepin was still subject to sanctions, they stated that no F1 team would probably be open to a deal with him.

The sanctions were labeled “draconian” and “unfair” by Mazepin’s legal representation. The racer’s support for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, they added, is not suggested by any evidence.

Given that Mazepin has been banned from entering the UK and is still subject to sanctions, according to attorneys representing the Foreign Office, he will still be able to communicate with Formula One teams. The next month will see the start of another trial Mazepin has filed, this time against James Cleverly, the foreign secretary.

Mazepin continues to maintain that there is a chance he will rejoin the grid in the future.

“There is the desire, of course, to continue to compete in motorsport,” Mazepin said in January. “My goal is to return to Formula 1 so that is the direction I will work in.”

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