Mick Schumacher drives father’s F1 car and aims a dig at Haas

Mick Schumacher drives father's F1 car and aims a dig at Haas

Mick Schumacher paid a heartfelt tribute to his father Michael while putting the seven-time World Champion’s Mercedes W02 through a series of runs at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The Mercedes reserve driver was in action on Sunday at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, hitting the track in not one but two of Mercedes’ F1 cars. The driver chose to wholeheartedly take on his father’s 2011 Mercedes Formula 1 car and even donning Michael’s overalls and helmet.

Mercedes referred to it as a “run for the ages” as he led the W02 up the renowned hillclimb before executing the usual doughnuts right in front of the Goodwood crowd.

The 24-year-old German said he was happy to be able to add the W02 to the collection of his father’s cars that he has the honor of getting to drive in an interview ahead of Sunday’s race in Hungary.

“It’s going to be spectacular to run in my dad’s 2011 car, the W02 even if it is only a short run,” Mick said. “Just experiencing this generation of cars will be mega.

“Knowing that he raced this car makes it extra special, and there will be many emotions coming with it.

“I have been lucky enough to drive one of his Benetton cars and some of the Ferraris he raced. But this will be the first time behind the wheel of a Mercedes he drove.

“I am sure I will get out of it with a big smile on my face.”

In addition to driving his father’s 2011 W02 and the 2021 constructors’ championship-winning Mercedes W12 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Schumacher additionally pulled some donuts in both cars.

Schumacher has put in a lot of time in the simulator since joining Mercedes as a backup driver, worked hard in training and most crucially has received a lot of encouragement from team boss Toto Wolff, a thing Guenther Steiner appeared hesitant to do.

In a video message to fans following the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Schumacher expressed his satisfaction with the runs of the day as well as his donuts.

“Super happy. Super stoked with it. It was a great run. I got to do some donuts and it was a very emotional day,” Schumacher said.

The Mercedes social media admin had the ultimate say after the driver couldn’t resist another round of donuts and shared an image of that along with the words, “Okay, Mick you can do the donuts now.”

“Sorry, Mick. Can you stop these donuts please, seriously? I’m sorry Mick. But we just can’t. Sorry,” he was told with Schumacher replying: “That’s alright. Love you too.”

That was a well-intended jab at the driver’s old team, Haas, which forbade him from doing donuts in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last year, where his two seasons with the team came to an end.

Mick Schumacher won’t be remembering his time at the Haas Formula One team with nostalgia as his career advances.

The German was savagely denied the opportunity to perform a few donuts in his final race with Haas at the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last year.

Although it seemed harsh at the moment, the team was genuinely concerned that any donuts may damage the car considering they were short on spare parts and had a test with Nico Hulkenberg the following day.

Schumacher has made no secret of his desire to return to the F1 grid for 2024, but with the majority of spots already occupied, he may have to wait until 2025 to have the opportunity to play a full-time part in the sport.

If there is one thing that is certain, it is that the German will probably not be selected for a seat at Haas and is unlikely to ever again have to deal with the strict discipline of his previously employer Guenther Steiner.

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