Mick Schumacher discharged from hospital after a horrible crash in qualifying

Mick Schumacher discharged from hospital after a horrible crash in qualifying

Mick Schumacher has been released from the hospital after undergoing precautionary tests following his major crash during qualifying for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

At nearly 150 mph, Schumacher lost control of his Haas at Jeddah Corniche Circuit turn 10 and smashed into a wall before coming to a stop at turn 12.

The Haas flew wide through the track’s twisty opening segment, spinning 180 degrees before slamming with the wall twice.

Despite the fact that his Haas VF22 was damaged in the crash, the German was protected by the safety features included on modern F1 cars.

After the incident, Schumacher stayed in the car for a long time while the medical car and circuit doctor arrived on the scene.

A medical helicopter took Schumacher to the King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital for examinations, however the Haas team has reported that Mick Schumacher has been discharged from the hospital and is back at his hotel.

For the 2022 season, Mick Schumacher and Haas have had a complete 180-degree turn around in their fortunes. After failing to collect a single point in the 2021 season, Schumacher’s teammate Kevin Magnussen led them to a sensational fifth place in the season opener.

Schumacher is aiming for his first points in Formula One this season, and he was on track for a strong qualifying score when he had a massive shunt.

The Haas team’s catastrophic crash was the latest in a string of concerning on-track occurrences at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Ferrari drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc were among those who criticized the track’s safety issues before of the race weekend.

The Jeddah Corniche Circuit has been criticized for its high speeds and close proximity to concrete barriers, and Schumacher’s disaster demonstrated the dangers clearly.

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