Michael Schumacher’s health will remain private according to family lawyer

Michael Schumacher's health will remain private according to family lawyer

Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher was involved in a skiing accident in December 2013 that resulted in severe injuries. Since then, not much information regarding his health has been made public.

Michael Schumacher’s family lawyer has made it clear that privacy around his medical situation would continue despite the tremendous demand for information regarding the health of the injured Formula 1 star.

Schumacher was put into a medically-induced coma following a skiing accident in December 2013. After a few months, he was transferred to his family’s Lake Geneva home, where his health care would continue.

After that, details regarding his condition have remained unclear. Only his close friends and family have knowledge of how he is doing as his devoted wife Corinna has actively guarded his private life.

Schumacher’s family lawyer Felix Damm has been quite helpful in assisting her towards doing that. He clarified why an official report was never released to the public following the disaster in an interview with the German legal news outlet LTO.

“It was always about protecting private things,” Damm said. “Of course, we discussed a lot about how this is possible.

“So we also considered whether a final report about Michael’s health could be the right way to do this. But that wouldn’t have been the end of it and there would have had to be constantly updated ‘water level reports’.

“Because as those affected, it is not up to you to put an end to the media. They could pick up on such a report again and again and ask, ‘And what does it look like now?’ one, two, three months or years after the message.

“And if we then wanted to take action against this reporting, we would have to deal with the argument of voluntary self-disclosure.”

December marks ten years since Schumacher’s accident. It happened just a year after he had announced his second and final retirement from racing in Formula One.

During his three years with Mercedes, he assisted the team establish its reputation on the grid and later enjoyed the incredible success it has thereafter enjoyed alongside another seven-time champion, Lewis Hamilton.

Schumacher’s condition continues to be of significant concern to Formula 1 fans due to their appreciation for his achievements and absence of information around his health following the accident. Damm acknowledged the reasons behind that, but he reminded fans that it is unlikely that the family will take an entirely different approach and reveal any details.

When asked if he understood why there was so much interest regarding the seven-time world champion, Damm replied: “Naturally. But I also believe that the vast majority of fans can deal with it well and also respect the fact that the accident has set in motion a process in which private shelter is necessary and will now continue to be observed.”

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