Michael Schumacher driven in a Mercedes as part of ongoing recovery

Michael Schumacher driven in a Mercedes as part of ongoing recovery

According to recent health reports, Michael Schumacher was driven around in a Mercedes-AMG road car to stimulate his brain as a part of ongoing recovery after he suffered serious injuries in a skiing incident.

A decade has passed since seven-time Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher was injured in a skiing accident that changed his life as he was vacationing in France with his family on December 29 2013.

Schumacher is currently under the care his wife Corinna at their Lake Geneva home after being induced into an artificial coma.

The Schumacher family has chosen total secrecy and very little information about the health and condition of the German, who turns 55 next week, after he came home in 2014 to continue recovering from his injuries.

Only a few number of individuals are allowed by his wife Corinna to visit Schumacher at their Swiss residence.

Among that select group is Jean Todt, the former Ferrari team principal who worked alongside Schumacher during his prime. It has also been reported that former Ferrari test driver Luca Badoer is permitted to visit.

In honor of the tenth anniversary of the accident that profoundly changed Schumacher’s and his family’s lives, the German publication BILD is going to feature a number of articles on the legendary driver.

The first article included some previously undisclosed details regarding Schumacher’s rehabilitation as well as an overview of the facts that were previously known about his skiing incident.

Schumacher apparently receives round-the-clock care at home, and his former office serves as a private infirmary. His daily care team consists of as many as fifteen doctors and assistants.

In an effort to stimulate Schumacher’s brain with sounds he is accustomed to from his Formula 1 career, BILD also disclosed that Schumacher had been driven around in a “roaring” Mercedes-AMG road car and had back pit radio communications from his F1 days played.

Recently, French magazine L’Equipe conducted an interview with the former president of the FIA and Schumacher’s Ferrari team boss Jean Todt. The Frenchman has already recalled how he occasionally watches Formula One races with Schumacher.

“His life is different and I have the privilege of sharing moments with him,” Todt said. “Unfortunately, fate struck him ten years ago and he is no longer the Michael we knew from F1.”

“Michael is here, so I don’t miss him. But he is simply not the Michael he used to be. He is different and is wonderfully guided by his wife and children who protect him.

“His life is different now and I have the privilege of sharing moments with him. That’s all there is to say.”

Ralf, Michael’s brother who also raced in F1, has said: “I miss the Michael of the old days. Life is unfair from time to time.

“Michael was very lucky throughout his life. But then there was this tragic accident.

“Fortunately, advanced medical science provides many opportunities. However, nothing is like it used to be.”

Germany broadcaster ARD is set to air a new documentary commemorating the tenth anniversary after Schumacher’s tragedy.

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