Miami open tennis courts demolished to pave way for the new Hard Rock Circuit

Miami open tennis courts demolished to pave way for the new Hard Rock Circuit

For the first time, Formula 1 is coming to Miami, America in 2022. The new Hard Rock circuit is currently under construction and is set to open its gates for the 2022 F1 season.

By doing so, the F1 authorities have demolished many Miami Open tennis courts at the Stadium. Tennis fans across the world have expressed their sorrow on this subject.

The Miami Grand Prix is aiming for an audience of 80,000 in its debut year. Moreover, they will be increasing that number over the life of the 10-year pact.

For the first time, Formula 1 will conduct Grand Prix in Miami, America for the 2022 season. For the last six months, the huge project has been under construction in making a brand new F1 track at the Hard Rock Stadium.

Tom Garfinkel, President at Hard Rock Stadium, said, “We want to keep it smaller, more intimate and deliver a great experience to those that come. We’d probably have demand for twice that and we have room to add more grandstands and do more things, but I want to start at a smaller number, deliver a great experience and then expand over time.”

Tennis Fans across the globe started laying their frustration over the video shared by the Miami Grand Prix’s Twitter page. The video showed a transformation of the new F1 track at Hard Rock Stadium over a span of 6 months. In order to construct the track, the authorities brutally demolished several tennis courts of the Miami Open at the stadium.

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