Ralf Schumacher, former F1 driver and brother of Michael who is now a TV commentator, has expressed his opinion on the difficulties shown by Mercedes in the tests in Bahrain, in essence – the car is a handful for the drivers compared to the other teams.

On German Sky Sports, the TV pundit reveals his thoughts claiming that “Mercedes is dealing with an aerodynamic problem; you can see this from the difficulties at the wheel of Hamilton because the car does not behave as expected ”

“I don’t think the first race will be easy for Mercedes,” says the German,

“on the contrary Red Bull can take advantage of a car that already responds perfectly to commands. of their drivers ”

And yet despite this, other former drivers turned pundits believe Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton will come good once the Formula 1 season starts properly at the end of March.

“First and foremost I am a fan of our sport and then I love and appreciate my ex-Formula 1 family Mercedes,” Rosberg told Sky Sports.

“But first and foremost I am a lover of our sport and for our sport it would be the best thing ever if Red Bull hit the ground running and we’d have Mercedes, the powerful Mercedes, chasing them down and Lewis on his way to an eighth title.

“So for the season, who’s my money on? It still has to go on Lewis because nobody can fathom someone actually beating Lewis throughout the entire season on points. So, the money would still have to go to Lewis.”

“But Max Verstappen, in particular, is as close as ever before in pre-season in terms of the odds to beat Lewis to the championship.

“I don’t think anyone’s been that close for many, many years.”

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