McLaren lodges appeal after Norris’ penalty in Canada

McLaren lodges appeal after Norris' penalty in Canada

The McLaren Formula 1 team has disclosed that it has submitted an appeal for a “right of review” of the Stewards’ decision to penalise Lando Norris at the Canadian Grand Prix.

This comes after Norris slowed down under the Safety Car to avoid being trapped in the pits after McLaren decided to double stack their cars. He was later assessed a five-second time penalty for “unsportsmanlike behaviour.”

The British racer crossed the finish line in ninth place, but after the penalty was handed down, he dropped to thirteenth.

A statement from McLaren read: “We can confirm that the McLaren Formula 1 Team has lodged a petition for a “right of review” regarding to Article 14.1.1 of the of the FIA International Sporting Code, on the Stewards’ decision to impose a 5-second penalty on Lando Norris for “unsportsmanlike behaviour” under the Safety Car at the 2023 Canadian Grand Prix.”

‘Article 14.1.1 of the International Sporting Code grants competitors the “right of review” should a “significant and relevant new element [be] discovered which was unavailable to the parties seeking the review at the time of the decision concerned.”

Norris questioned the Steward’s judgment at the moment, saying: “It doesn’t make sense to me. I was, what, three seconds, four seconds behind my delta, which everyone quite often is.

“It was too early to box for what we were planning to do, so I wasn’t planning to box in the first place, then I got a call just before the pit entry.

“It wasn’t like I was 10 seconds behind my delta so if it’s because of the delta difference, then probably most people should be given penalties for the last three years or four years.”

A hearing will now be held to decide if the review can be applied in judgment. The incident will be formally reviewed if it is decided to be so.

McLaren emphasized its support and trust of the FIA and its stewards in their statement confirming the request, but it feels there is enough additional evidence to warrant the opening of a new investigation.

“In Canada, we were surprised by the penalty and uncertain as to the rationale behind the decision,” McLaren said.

“We spoke to the Stewards immediately after the race to help understand the reasoning for the penalty.

“The FIA’s regulatory framework has tools and processes which allow them and the sport to deal with the operational complexity of Formula 1, especially for decisions which need to be made during the race.

“The “right of review” is one of those processes which showcases the strength of the institution in allowing decisions to be reviewed, should that be in the best interest of the sport and this is something McLaren fully embraces and supports.

“Given this provision, the team took the initial explanation onboard and decided to review the case in a calm and considered manner, performing comprehensive due diligence, which included looking at the precedents.

“After this careful and extensive review, we believe enough evidence exists to a submit a “right to review” to the FIA, which we have done so.

“We will now continue to work with the FIA closely, in the same constructive and collaborative manner in which we normally do, and will accept the outcome of their deliberations and decision.”

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