McLaren avoids Nico Rosberg ‘curse’ by banning him from garage

McLaren avoids Nico Rosberg 'curse' by banning him from garage

As a dramatic measure to shield their drivers from Rosberg’s curse, McLaren has banned Nico Rosberg from their team garage at the Belgian Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton both suffered consequences as a result of a series of weird situations involving former Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg in Hungary, so McLaren shared a funny image with the statement, “No Rosberg selfies.”

At the Hungaroring last week, Rosberg grabbed a picture in front of Verstappen’s Red Bull ahead of qualifying. A few hours later, the reigning world champion was unable to claim pole position as Hamilton’s mind-blowing lap edged him off the top spot.

Verstappen was able to sprint into the lead and cruise away to yet another victory this year after Hamilton and his W14 fell down the grid just a day later and in spite of their favorable track position.

Now McLaren is hoping to avoid a repeat at a rainy Spa-Francorchamps.

In fact, the mock-up of Rosberg’s image surrounded by a red circle and the warning to stay away from him went viral on social media. McLaren even tagged Rosberg in their post to make sure he saw their update, writing:

“We’ve seen your jinxing powers, @NicoRosberg.”

Rosberg has addressed the curse in a way that is transparent following the incident in Budapest.

“Yeah, that’s not cool. That’s not cool at all,” he told Sky Sports F1. “I post, like, on race weekends, I post a picture in the pit lane with a car or something, and that car has gone pretty poorly.

“So, I need to be careful with that in the future So the back of the back story here is that on Saturday I posted Max’s car, and of course he lost the qualifying.

“And then on Sunday I was like, ‘go Mercedes,’ and I posted Lewis’s car and that went completely wrong. So that’s the backstory behind this.”

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