McLaren announces launch date for their 2022 F1 car

McLaren announces launch date for their 2022 F1 car

McLaren F1 team has announced the launch date for its 2022 season F1 car.

McLaren will debut its all-new challenger for the 2022 season on February 11, making it the third team to declare a reveal date for its 2022 car.

McLaren will not only launch the 2022 F1 car but also the broader racing programme with IndyCar and Extreme E.

This comes as Aston Martin stated that it will unveil its new car on February 10, just a day before McLaren. Ferrari will unveil its new machine six days before pre-season testing begins on February 17 in Barcelona.

McLaren enjoyed another strong season despite spending most of its development tokens integrating the Mercedes power unit. In 2021, it placed fourth in the constructors’ championship, one place lower than in 2020, despite winning a race.

Lando Norris was one of F1’s top performers in 2021, finishing sixth in the championship after four podiums and a pole position. McLaren also triumphed after the Italian Grand Prix was won by Daniel Ricciardo ahead of Lando Norris, giving McLaren its first victory since 2012 and first 1-2 finish since 2010.

Ricciardo won McLaren’s only race of the season, however, he struggled in comparison to his partner, finishing eighth in the drivers championship.

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