Max Verstappen admits he was thinking about retirement after Spa incident

Max Verstappen admits he was thinking about retirement after Spa incident

Max Verstappen has spoken out on the most recent demise of fellow Dutch racer Dylan van’t Hoff.

The tragic passing of talented racer Dilano van ‘t Hoff has prompted two-time world champion Max Verstappen to open up about his own feelings about it.

The terrible crash at Spa-Francorchamps that claimed the life of the 18-year-old driver took place in dangerously wet conditions on the lightning-fast track.

Verstappen paid respect to his fellow countryman from the Netherlands after the tragic incident. However, it was a response to the tribute that really moved the double world champion.

Verstappen, according to Van ‘t Hoff’s sister, had been a powerful guiding light for her brother in the world of racing.

Verstappen who is the reigning Formula 1 champion, set out on a path of introspection in response to this realization.

“There was no fear. I don’t have that now either, but I do think more about the possible consequences of my actions,” Verstappen openly acknowledged the event after reflecting back on it.

Verstappen outlined how a driver’s attitude towards danger evolves as they grow older and gain experience on various international circuits. As one rises within the sport, the innate boldness associated with junior drivers frequently changes into a more calculated approach.

“What could happen if…at the time you never thought about it, you drove purely on instinct,” the Red Bull star added.

“I’m not talking about Dilano now, because he was tapped by someone else, but in general, as a junior driver, you take more wild risks than later in life.”

Verstappen’s reflection on the delicate line between daring and caution was sparked by the terrible events surrounding van’t Hoff’s crash. He reflected on a particularly memorable event with a gravity that was evident.

“When the news of Dilano’s accident came out, I sent out a message on social media,” Verstappen admitted.

“A little later I saw that Dilano’s sister had commented under my post: ‘Max, you were his great example. Thank you for this message’.

Verstappen’s response struck a deep chord with him and caused him to consider the bigger picture effects of his choices.

“That response did something to me. Then I immediately think about my family,” he added. “Then you think, ‘S* if this had happened to me, they would have… Then you think ‘F*’.”

A look into the complex network of psychological and emotional effects resulting from events like van ‘t Hoff’s sad tragedy is provided by Verstappen’s openness about his thoughts.

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