Martin Brundle in an awkward moment after getting ignored by Anthony Joshua

Martin Brundle in an awkward moment after getting ignored by Anthony Joshua

Fans termed Anthony Joshua’s odd disregard of Martin Brundle on the United States Grand Prix as embarassing.

Former heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua was one of the several celebrities waiting in line to chat with Sky Sports before the start of the race. However, as Brundle got to his side, the star was already engaged in another different lengthy chat.

Brundle always shows a no-holds-barred attitude toward those who decline to engage in a conversation despite being required to do so as part of their VIP status. Cara Delevingne was his most recent victim at Silverstone. 

The former heavyweight world champion didn’t decline an interview, but he did make Brundle wait resulting in one of his awkward moments during his grid walks.

Brundle had to wait for the conversation between the boxing megastar and astronaut Reid Wiseman to come to an end.

Joshua made it quite obvious that he didn’t want to finish the chat hastily for Brundle. But the seasoned broadcaster chose to wait awkwardly by the side of the two of them as they avoided eye contact, resulting in an awkward moment.

“I think he’s seen us,” Brundle said, as he waited patiently, before starting to get the hint and almost moving on.

“If not, I think we’re going to chat with Rory McIlroy and can come back.”

Joshua eventually concluded his conversation with the astronaut and turned to Brundle with a grin. And just days after it became public that the boxer was one of several prominent sports figures to invest in Alpine, the subject of the F1 team came up.

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“Sport is changing, we’re crossing over and I have a great team that I work with,” said AJ.

“Obviously, F1 is massive but, hopefully Alpine can have direct supporters and fans like myself who will be dressed head to toe in Alpine gear.

“And it’s ‘Alpeene’ by the way, not ‘Al-pine’, and that’s what I’m here to do, raise awareness for people that don’t know enough about Alpine,” Joshua mispronounced the team name at that very moment, correcting himself with a giggle.

When questioned about his interactions with drivers Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly, Joshua outlined how boxing may benefit the duo.

“We’ve been working on reaction games and quick thinking games as it’s like boxing, quick thinking and reacting to the punch coming at you, it’s about milliseconds.

“I’m helping them with that, but let’s be honest, they already know what they’re doing.”

Even though he acknowledged the drivers didn’t require his assistance, AJ later joined in over team radio, sending the drivers his best wishes from the pitlane as they finished their formation laps.

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