Red Bull’s senior advisor, Helmut Marko has often said in recent years that they had the best winter break ever, but in 2021 that really seems to be the case. The winter test for Red Bull Racing went very well, whereas for Mercedes it was a lot less. Marko isn’t ready to celebrate just yet.

Mercedes has been dominating Formula 1 since 2014 and every year there is hope that someone can close the gap to the Germans. In 2017 and 2018 Ferrari came somewhat close, but despite big words from Marko and Horner, Red Bull Racing never really came close. In 2021, however, there seems to be the ideal opportunity there.

‘We know Mercedes bluffed during the winter test, we just don’t know how much. The fact is that their car is a bit unsettled at the back, and if they haven’t solved that yet then we will be in front of them. Mercedes now have to play catch-up and that’s a fine situation for us. Mercedes has to find a solution now, where we can optimise our package,” Marko told the Kronen Zeitung.

”There are circuits where our aerodynamic concept will work perfectly, but if you want to compete for the title you have to be competitive everywhere. The RB16B is the best car Max has ever had from us”, said the Austrian.

In Bahrain, the Red Bull chief believes conditions are also in his team’s favour. ”It is very changeable and there is a lot of wind. If you have an unstable car then it’s not advantageous. I’m very happy to see that”, smiles Marko with a beaming confidence.

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