LMP2 driver Philippe Cimadomo banned from Le Mans

LMP2 driver Philippe Cimadomo banned from Le Mans

Philippe Cimadomo has been barred from competing in this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans event for the safety of himself and other competitors.

TDS Racing LMP2 driver Philippe Cimadomo, has been ruled out of this weekend’s Le Mans 24 Hours after three incidents during free practice.

Cimadomo made his Le Mans debut for TDS Racing in the LMP2 class, sharing the #13 with Mathias Beche and Tijmen van der Helm.

According to the stewards, Cimadomo collided with the #63 Chevrolet Corvette C8.R at the Dunlop Chicane in the first session of free practice on Wednesday and “almost caused an accident also in FP1 at pit entry.” He also crashed the TDS Oreca at Corvette Corner after colliding with the #31 WRT car piloted by Sean Gelael in the third practice round on Thursday.

After spinning into the barriers, the TDS Oreca, which is racing in the pro/am P2 classification thanks to Cimadomo’s bronze ranking, sustained serious damage and is currently undergoing a reconstruction for a spare monocoque.

“Therefore, on the recommendation of the Race Director, for the safety of himself and other competitors the Stewards prohibit Philippe Cimadomo from taking part in the remainder of the Competition, under the power of the Stewards in Art. 11.9.3.k. of the International Sporting Code,” the statement from the stewards read.

“The Stewards make special note that this decision is based on this specific situation and is only valid at this time. No inference should be drawn as to the driver’s capacity to compete in competitions in the future.”

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However, Cimadomo told the stewards that he and TDS had competed in the European Le Mans Series without incident this year, and that the occurrences in FP1 and FP3 were momentary errors.

“He stated that he felt that he had gained experience throughout the practice sessions and felt more confident in his capacity to compete,” the statement continued.

“However, the stewards have concluded that a pattern exists that cannot be ignored at this time.”

“The Competitor is reminded that this decision of the Stewards is subject to appeal under the International Sporting Code, however it is not subject to the suspensive effect in accordance with Art. 12.3.3.b.”

Cimadomo competed in LMP3 prototypes in the Michelin-sponsored Le Mans Cup on the series support card, as well as the Ultimate Cup and the VdeV Endurance Series, before moving up to LMP2 in the ELMS this year.

After finishing third and second in the two rounds contested so far this year, Cimadomo, Beche, and van der Helm are second in the ELMS pro/am points.

Beche, driving the TDS Oreca, set the third-fastest time overall in P2 in the first session of the test day last Sunday and was fifth and quickest in pro/am in FP1 on Wednesday.

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