Lewis extended his lead in winning the seventh Formula 1 championship after winning the Tuscan Grand Prix which was rather hectic and filled with crashes at Misano as the race was interrupted by two red flags and three safety car.

Hamilton went ahead to lead a 1-2 Mercedes lead followed by Valtteri Bottas as Redbull’s Alexander Albon finnished third being his maiden podium finish in a race that saw 8 cars off the track. The Mercedes racer was able to take back the race leadership from his teammate Bottas following the first red-flag session and continued on to dominate in his race wins, he will be leading in the F1’s Drivers Championship with 55 points after picking the bonus point for the fastest lap. This comes as there are only 8 races remaining in the 2020 Formula 1 season.

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc moved up to third as Max Verstappen reported a lack of power as the race cars approached turn 1, but Verstappen lasted only one more turn as AlfaRomeo’s Kimi Raikkonen hit him from the back sending the Redbull RB16 car to the gravel and out of the race.

Redbull RB 15 slides through the gravel after being pushed by Alfa Romeo’s Kimi Raikkonen

AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly was also a victim as Kimi Raikkonen as they clashed on turn two just prior with the contact with Verstappen, putting the AlphaTauri driver out of the race. This resulted to the deployment of the safety car as also Romain Grosjean were involved in the contact but were able to progress with the race.

RedBull’s Max Verstappen walks past Pierre Gasly’s Alpha Tauri

As the cars were cleared, the safety car was called in at the end of lap 6, only to be called in again later following a series of crashes on the pit straight as Bottas tried to slow the following F1 cars which caused many of the drivers misjudging on when to accelerate. The error caused Alfa Romeo’s Antonio Giovinazzi to ram into Kevin Magnussen’s rear. The series of crash also caught up with Mclaren’s Carlos Sainz and Williams’ Nicolas Latiffi forcing all the four cars out of the race.

A red flag was out following the crash and later a 25-minute wait to resume the race on lap 10, the race resumed from a standing start on the grid with only 13 cars on the line-up after Renault’s Esteban Ocon pulling out of the race due to a brake issue.

Hamilton’s W11 was also smoking at the race restart but was able to take on his teammate Bottas around turn one and take the lead. Charle’s Leclerc was able to maintain third position but soon faced pressure from the other cars as he was slower on the straights. Later on he was overtaken by Lance stroll, and later on lose places to Daniel Ricciardo, Alexander Albon and Sergio Perez to end up seventh and later pit for a set of hard tyres.

Bottas was able to hold steadily to the gap with his teammate Hamilton, but the gap increased following the wear on his front tyres. The finn went ahead to pit at the end of lap 31 to change his tyres in a bid to close the gap between him and the sister W11. Hamilton also headed to the pit one lap later to also change into hard tyres and was able to exit with a gap of 6 seconds as the race leader.

Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo was able to beat Lance stroll after pitting at the end of lap 27 and Racing point tried to beat him later after three laps but the Renault proved to be unbeatable also taking Redbull’s Alex Albon to take the 3rd position. Albon dropped to fifth.

The Mercedes drivers were warned to keep off the kerbs and look after their tyres but five laps later a safety car was deployed after Lance Stroll’s RP20 crashed at turn 9, going into the tyre barrier after it slid off the kerb. The car was left nwith heavy damage but Stroll was able to get out and walk away from the wreck.

Lance Stroll getting off his crashed Racing Point’s RP20

The safety car was again deployed as the drivers took the opportunity to pit and Hamilton was able to still hold his lead aver Bottas who came in one lap later. But the race was again red-flagged for the second time on lap 45 for the tyre barriers to be re-installed around turn 9 with only 12 cars remaining in the race.

Alexander Albon was able to close up on Daniel Ricciardo two laps later to take 3rd and also tried to catch up on Bottas as the race concluded. The Mercedes driver crossed the line 2nd as Albon maintained the 3rd position.

Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo finished 4th which was just shy of winning his bet with his boss Cyril Abiteboul. Perez finished fifth for the Racing point after a long battle with Mclaren’s Lando Norris who was sixth. Daniil Kvyat recorded his best for the season by coming in 7th place followed by Charles Leclerc in 8th finishing the 1000th race for Ferrari. Raikkonen finished 9th after receiving a five-second time penalty for crossing the white line at pit entry .

Sebastian Vettel finished 10th earning his first points since the Spanish Grand Prix as George Russel finished 11th just very close to winning his maiden points in F1, it was his best result ever. Romain Grosjean finished 12th in the Haas F1 car

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