Lewis Hamilton sold his Pagani Zonda for €10m

Lewis Hamilton sold his Pagani Zonda for €10m

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton sold his “favourite car” Pagani Zonda for €10million as a way of promoting environmental awareness.

The Mercedes Formula 1 driver made a very hefty profit on the car having purchased it for a reported €1.4m back in 2015.

Quattroruote reported Hamilton sold his Pagani Zonda 760LH, which had also been specifically built for him with a V12 manual transmission engine and his initials ‘LH’ added to the model name.

The F1 star is expected to made a profit of €8.6m (£7.2m) on the car. According to reports, the car was his favorite but he sold it to promote environmental awareness.

“The reasons are in-line with the attitude that the Mercedes champion is taking in terms of ethics: in fact, his cars will be, at a minimum, hybrids,” the report said.

Hamilton’s next automobile, according to the report, will be the Mercedes-AMG One, which will feature technologies from his F1 team.

Following the thrilling F1 finale in Abu Dhabi, Hamilton is currently taking a sabbatical from social media. In dubious circumstances, the 36-year-old missed out on his ninth championship in the penultimate lap of the race.

He’ll get a chance to make a comeback this year when the season resumes on March 18 in Bahrain.

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