Lewis Hamilton asking for a cut in the big Mercedes broadcast deal

Lewis Hamilton asking for a cut in the big Mercedes broadcast deal

Mercedes chief Toto Wolff has gone on record stating that the two were in discussions over Zoom but admitted their talks has caused a few “curveballs” for the lawyers overseeing the deal.

Former team boss Jordan, however, believes the sticking points in the new deal are over Hamilton’s worth to Mercedes, who recently announced petrochemical company, Ineos, had become a three-way owner alongside Mercedes Benz and Wolff.

Jordan also says he understands the 36-year-old is pushing hard for 10 percent share of the team’s TV revenue.

“I have a little snippet of information and Lewis is saying ‘look guys, this is my salary, is this what I am being paid as a driver and for various other things that go along with the interviews and other aspects?

“‘But am I being compensated for bringing in sponsors? Am I being compensated for the arrival of Ineos?

“‘Am I being compensated for the increased television income you are getting as the constructors’ champion in the form of TV money?’”.

Jordan reckons that Hamilton should be also focusing efforts on getting a slice of the lucrative TV payments Mercedes receive from F1.

He added: “If I was his manager, I would be saying to Mercedes, ‘look, we add a lot of value to Mercedes’ overall income over the year. It is positively wrong to ignore that’.

“I believe Lewis is looking for 10 percent of the team’s television money and it is hard to understand why he would not be worth that.

“We are in the media and the amount of opportunities we have to interview Lewis are very slim. We stand in line like everybody else.

“But he is the first one we all want. We are at the press conferences because we need Lewis as he is a value to me and you and everybody else.

“It is like what is happening now in golf and basketball in America and the major stars are taking a piece off the top.

“The world of economics is changing but one thing that is for sure is the value of Lewis Hamilton has increased, that’s a fact.”

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