Leclerc might need to leave Ferrari if he has to win titles

Leclerc might need to leave Ferrari if he has to win titles

Charles Leclerc’s contract with Ferrari expires just after the end of 2024 Formula 1 season.

Charles Leclerc will need to leave Maranello to fulfill his dream, according to Matt Gallagher, co-host of P1 with Matt and Tommy, who feels Leclerc won’t win a world title while racing for Ferrari.

Recent months have seen some quiet speculation over Leclerc’s future at Ferrari, especially after the Italian team’s dismal 2023 F1 season.

The Ferrari driver retired from the season-opening race in Bahrain and finished only seventh in Saudi Arabia, despite he actually started 12th after receiving a 10-place grid penalty for having already used more control electronics sets than what has been permitted.

Now, he is under contract with the Scuderia until the end of 2024, but many are starting to question if he will sign an extension or move elsewhere.

If Leclerc wants to compete for a title, he will need to start thinking about his prospects elsewhere, according to Gallagher’s opinion.

“It’s very difficult… If they are able to iron out some things, not even things to do with their car, just the way in which they go about their strategy and calls, they definitely have a better chance,” Gallagher told the Sky Sports F1 podcast.

“It’s more about if Ferrari can keep him long enough until they do have a championship-winning car… I am going to go with a no.”

Former Ferrari race engineer Rob Smedley, who anticipates improvements in the middle of the season, also spoke on the show.

Nothing will change “overnight or quickly,” according to Smedley, and the new team principal Frederic Vasseur needs some time to implement his tactics.

According to the former race engineer, Vasseur will need “another three months” to start seeing results from his strategy, after which Leclerc may start to challenge the leaders.

“You should be able to see good people who are effective and can get on with it, and who are allowed to get on with it,” Smedley said.

“You would see changes in six months… You won’t get change overnight or instantaneously… Within six months, you can start to see the green shoots of the strategy you can see in place.”

“Probably the middle of this season is when we will see the differences. Your first months are interviews and talking to the media, after that you can get a feel for the place, to understand how the place works and then after three months you can make changes.”

“The green shoots of the changes won’t be seen until another three months.”

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