Leaked radio call exposes how Red Bull influenced Michael Masi in the final laps of Abu Dhabi GP

Leaked radio call exposes how Red Bull influenced Michael Masi in the final laps of Abu Dhabi GP

The controversy surrounding Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton’s battle for the 2021 F1 title at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix continues.

The Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2021 is one of the most controversial sporting events in recent history.

The final race showdown between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen was expected to be a spectacle, but it appeared like the seven-time world champion would come out on top by a significant margin.

However, the race in Abu Dhabi took a dramatic turn when Williams’ Nicholas Latifi crashed out in the closing stages, resulting in the introduction of the Safety Car.

With one lap to go, F1 Race Director Michael Masi made the decision to let the five lapped vehicles between Hamilton and Verstappen to unlap themselves.

Being on the final lap, the race was restarted, and Verstappen – who was on fresher tires turned the tables by overtaking Hamilton, who had a significant lead wiped away by the controversial Safety Car  to capture his maiden F1 world title.

Many think Michael Masi broke the rules in Abu Dhabi to ensure a thrilling end to the Formula One season. The events that unfolded had never happened before.

Mercedes filed an appeal, but later withdrew it, and Lewis Hamilton protested by not attending an FIA ceremony, prompting the FIA to initiate its own investigation.

Communication between Michael Masi and Red Bull Team Director Jonathan Wheatley was revealed in leaked audio from Red Bull and Mercedes.

Masi can be seen conversing with Wheatley and being convinced by his recommendations, as he requests that the five cars unlap themselves to set up a one-on-one fight.

The audio is somewhat depressing because Mercedes seemed to be out of touch. Red Bull appeared to be the first to notice what was happening.

Mercedes to Hamilton: “There are five backmarkers between you and P2.”

Red Bull to Masi: “Obviously those lapped cars, you don’t need to let them go right the way around and catch up with the back of the pack.”

Masi to Red Bull: “Understood.”

Red Bull to Masi: “You need to let them go.”

Masi to Red Bull: “Understood, just give us a second.”

Red Bull to Masi: ” …and then we got a motor race on our hands.”

Mercedes to Hamilton: “We believe they may restart the race like this.” (with the lapped cars still in position)

Red Bull to Verstappen: “I think all the cars ahead of you are going to pass Hamilton, everyone behind you will stay in position.”

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