A day before Ferrari is scheduled to unveil their 2022 contender, the F1-75, a leaked image of the car’s livery has surfaced.

An image of Ferrari’s 2022 F1 car has surfaced online, and according to the appearance, it seems to resemble the team’s official F1 car for 2022, the F1-75.

This year’s launch season has seen a lot of leaks, and it appears that Ferrari is the latest to be the victim of one, with the image making its way into social media.

According to reports, there was a private presentation on Wednesday at Maranello intended for a select number of people and members of the Scuderia where someone may have taken a photo, or pulled a frame from a video of the new car.

Ferrari’s new-spec car will be unveiled on Thursday, but a secret presentation for a select group of people and Scuderia members took place on Wednesday in Maranello, where someone may have taken a photo or pulled a frame from a film.

Aside from the car’s design, its red and black livery looks to back up the assumption that it’s the real deal, based on photos released by Ferrari last week of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz wearing the new team outfit.

On Thursday, Ferrari will launch its F1-75 at 1pm GMT, six days before it will take part in the ‘pre-season track session’ an unofficial test from February 23-25 at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, along with its nine rivals for the 2022 season.

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