Formula One driver Lando Norris said in a recent interview that he wants his new esports organization Quandrant to include teams for individual games, including one for Call of Duty in the CDL, sometime in the near future.

After officially getting fully invested in the esports industry with the launch of his organization Quadrant a few months back, it now seems like F1 superstar Lando Norris is looking to go a bit deeper with the company.

In a recent Q&A video uploaded to the Quadrant YouTube channel, Norris was asked by a fan what his “ultimate goal” is for his esports organization. The founder responded by saying he wants to expand Quadrant, including the addition of teams for games like CoD and Rocket League.

“My ultimate dream with Quadrant is to grow it a lot and become a much bigger esports team” he said. “And grow it from where we are now, not just to have content creators, but to have teams in CDL, so Call of Duty, in Rocket League, in different games.”

Norris’ proclamation of wanting a Call of Duty League franchise is a bold one, considering that it would most assuredly cost him tens of millions of dollars on top of how difficult it can be to secure a spot.

He did not discuss any other specifics about his plan, so this could be something for way later down the line. In addition to securing the funds, he’d obviously also have to wait until the CDL is looking to expand from its current field of 12 franchises.

Norris’ interest in CoD isn’t a big surprise. He has ties to one of the esport’s biggest stars, Dallas Empire’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter, not to mention that a member of his Quadrant staff, ‘Riabish,’ is a self-proclaimed “Call of Duty Queen.”

As an avid gamer and streamer on Twitch, he’s probably seen and understands the presence that CoD has in the gaming world, and with the CDL on the up and up, it makes sense for him to want to expand in that direction.

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