Lando Norris gets robbed once again in Spain

Lando Norris gets robbed once again in Spain

According to Lando Norris, he had several pricey items stolen in a robbery at a villa in Marbella, Spain.

Sadly, Lando Norris has once again become a victim of a theft, although at least this time the perpetrators did not physically target him.

This comes after Norris was robbed by two men after the postponed football final of the European Championship took place at Wembley as he was leaving the area and walking to his car back in 2021. The incident involved the theft of Norris’ expensive, rare Richard Mille watch which had a reputed value of £40,000.

Now, the 23-year-old McLaren driver and Oscar Piastri’s teammate was reportedly vacationing in the south of Spain for three days at the time of the robbery.

Unfortunately, the villa they were living in was broken into when Norris and his pals were on vacation in Spain ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix race weekend.

When returning to his F1 duties in advance of the Austrian Grand Prix, Norris confirmed the incident happened and that among the lengthy list of items taken were pricey.

“We were out for dinner and our place got robbed,” Norris said. “A mixture of many things were stolen. Some were expensive and some were not so expensive.

“It is still an ongoing investigation so I cannot say too much.”

Social media influencer Jennie Dimova, who in a TikTok video said she was “left with literally nothing” when robbers destroyed the property, is believed to have been among the group of pals Norris was on vacation with.

Dimova posted a video to her TikTok, saying: “If you are wondering why I look like that it is because our villa got robbed and everything I have ever owned – my clothes, my shoes, my bags, my jewellery – everything has been taken – and I am left with literally nothing. I cried for two hours but what can I do?”

Norris will now be trying to forget about this experience as McLaren gets ready to unveil the first phase of their scheduled tweaks for the Austrian Grand Prix, changes that are expected to eventually form something resembling a B-Spec McLaren MCL60.

Norris is currently P11 in the Drivers’ standings despite the team’s admission that they started F1 2023 behind schedule. Norris has managed to score 12 points after eight rounds.

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