Lando Norris gets featured in Spider-Man 2 video game

Lando Norris gets featured in Spider-Man 2 video game

The upcoming video game Spider-Man 2 has worked with Lando Norris, and the McLaren driver will have an outfit inspired by him available for players.

Lando Norris’ partnership with PlayStation to promote the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 game, which will only be available on the PlayStation 5, was just announced.

The Marvel’s Spider-Man video game has become incredibly popular after the first game release, which was launched on PS4 in 2018, became popular right away. For a long time, individuals all around the world have fantasized of donning the Spider-Man suit and going on the loose in the metropolis of New York. With the Spider-Man video game, fans could enjoy this perfect setting in the convenience of their own homes.

Norris is one of the most popular Formula 1 drivers currently and he is regarded by the majority of his fans as a driver with World Champion potential.

Lando Norris has received numerous compliments for having an uncanny resemblance to Tom Holland, the most recent Spider-Man actor. The two are quite similar in terms of appearance and personality. They both appear to have amusing characteristics in line with Peter Parker’s personality.

However, only one of them appears on screen as Spider-Man with Lando Norris having the option of creating his own spider suit.

Along with Norris, other celebrities and athletes that have inspired outfits for the upcoming video game include pop star Rina Sawayama and Real Madrid footballer Vincius Junior. The game is set to be launched on October 20th.

In response to the news release, Norris stated that he likes the “stealth” Spider-Man costume, possibly indicating the general idea of his costume-inspiring creations.

Lando Norris stated in the caption of his Instagram post announcing the partnership that he was doing it to create his own Spider costume. So when the game eventually launches, Lando Norris fans are in for a tremendous surprise.

Lando frequently streams his gaming live on Twitch where he frequently plays against his pal Max (not Verstappen). So it seems logical that the British driver loves and is passionate about video games as well. Some might argue that this partnership has been in the works for a while.

The McLaren driver’s fans are probably curious to see what the star’s outfit will look like, so further details on the design process for the costumes are anticipated to be disclosed soon.

While the game launches on Friday, Norris will be at the Circuit of the Americas for the US GP, but it does give him an exciting thing to enjoy while he’s not racing in his MCL60. But since next weekend is another sprint weekend, free time will be practically minimal.

After Free Practice 1 which is the only practice session when a sprint race is scheduled, there is very little time to relax during the sprint weekend because the racing is continuous.

Norris and McLaren are 11 points behind Aston Martin in the Constructors’ Championship and are hoping that the Texas sprint race will offer them an opportunity to catch up to their rivals.

The Woking-based outfit has been closing the gap on Aston Martin for P4 rapidly, maybe since they unveiled their major updates at the Austrian Grand Prix before the summer break.

McLaren has performed admirably in recent races, earning back-to-back 2-3 results.

Since the summer break, they’ve been the only team to constantly manage to give Red Bull a hold, and many believe that either Norris or Oscar Piastri will be able to clinch a victory before the end of the season.

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