Kyle Busch and his wife Samantha celebrate anniversary at a dirt track

Kyle Busch and wife Samantha celebrate anniversary at a dirt track

The dirt track provided an appropriate backdrop for Kyle Busch and his wife Samantha to celebrate their anniversary as a couple who have been so well-known in the NASCAR community for so long.

Richard Childress Racing driver Kyle Busch and his wife Samantha Busch have a special place in their hearts for December 31. After all, the couple tied the knot on this day thirteen years ago, and ever since, they have been wowing the fans with their incredible couple goals.

The couple celebrated their anniversary in an unusual setting this time. It wasn’t at a tourist attraction or an exclusive dining establishment. It was on a dirt track instead.

Busch shared the photos of their celebration to X (formerly known as Twitter), along with a sweet message for his wife.

“It takes a special woman for spending her anniversary at a dirt track,” Busch wrote. “Thank you for putting up with so much and making my life special. I Love you (heart emoji).”

Samantha Busch too, posted a ‘Then v/s Now’ video of the NASCAR power couple on Instagram and captioned it, “Then vs Now… I love you babe then, now, and forever Happy Anniversary! I love doing life with you by my side, the way you love me, and the family we have built.”

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Busch is a racer at heart, and he hopes to further both his son Brexton’s racing career and his own. Even though the NASCAR Cup Series won’t be going back to the dirt in 2024. Every step of the journey has been supported by his wife Samantha.

Kyle Busch decided to sell Kyle Busch Motorsports early this year, but the Busch family will always be a major player in the racing industry.

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