Jos Verstappen accuses Horner of blocking his demo run igniting Red Bull tensions

Jos Verstappen accuses Horner of blocking his demo run igniting Red Bull tensions

Jos Verstappen has accused Christian Horner of effectively sabotaging his plans to participate in this weekend’s Legends Parade in Austria, where he was scheduled to drive a Red Bull RB8.

Former F1 driver and Max Verstappen’s father Jos Verstappen’s has withdrawn from the Legends Parade at the Red Bull Ring and accused Christian Horner of plotting his ouster from the event, indicating possible internal conflicts at the Milton Keynes outfit.

Verstappen was scheduled to run the 2012 RB8 which facilitated Sebastian Vettel win the third of his four consecutive F1 Drivers’ Championships with the team that season.

The Legends Parade has become an annual event over the Austrian Grand Prix weekend that sees several famous cars and drivers take to the Spielberg track for show laps. This year’s lineup includes notable names like Gerhard Berger, David Coulthard, Emerson Fittipaldi, and Johnny Herbert.

Red Bull GmbH had set up the run in the RB8, which would have given Verstappen the opportunity to drive one of Red Bull’s most potent F1 cars on the same weekend his son Max contends for victory in the RB20.

However, it appears that Verstappen withdrew from the event on his own free will. Red Bull boss Christian Horner questioned the decision with the F1 team’s parent company after the Dutchman demanded the Brit’s resignation earlier this year following an internal investigation over misconduct.

Verstappen is claimed to have made the choice himself after learning of Horner’s stance, although sources claim the latter did not demand for the former to be denied a run. However, the reports might be misleading as it is believed that a move to block the release of images and videos from the run was sought.

“In recent days, I have heard from several sides that Christian Horner has done everything to not let me drive and otherwise to make sure that nothing would be filmed,” Verstappen told Dutch publication de Telegraaf.

“Then I think, ‘Say it in my face’. This way, it doesn’t have to be for me, I find it very disappointing.”

Verstappen also branded Horner “childish” in a seperate interview with

“How childish can you be?” he said. “There was going to be filming, also with a drone, but Horner didn’t want me to be filmed.

“I’m completely finished with Horner. It’s like a playground here. I would have been allowed to drive in the end, but I backed out. I find this so childish of Horner, but I think it says something about him.”

According to sources, Horner and Verstappen’s relationship has not fully healed after the tragic events earlier this year. When the two met on Friday morning, the Red Bull boss reportedly offered Verstappen a handshake, which he allegedly declined.

Historically, the relationship between Jos Verstappen and the Red Bull Racing management has been one of mutual respect and cooperation, especially considering the rising career of his son. However, this incident adds to a possible strain that occurred after allegations were made against Horner for misconduct.

Red Bull declined to comment on the situation involving the Legends Parade.

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