Former Formula 1 president Jean Todt will not be going back to Ferrari.

Todt was elected president of the FIA at the end of 2009, but he no longer serves in that capacity as of last month. It is evident that he will return to Ferrari, but it does not appear to be on the cards right now.

Several reports circulated in December that Todt might take on the role of “super consultant” at Ferrari, but this is no longer a possibility, according to Corriere della Sera. Todt is alleged to have asked Ferrari CEO John Elkann whether there was a position for him at the Maranello-based outfit, but he was not so lucky.

At Ferrari, Jean Todt has a long history. Being a Ferrari boss, he won five championship titles with drivers and six constructors titles.

According to an Italian newspaper the hopes of Todt’s return to Ferrari were dealt a big blow

“After a series of considerations, Elkann decided to abandon this valuable but complex collaboration for the time being,” he said. Todt could have fulfilled the role of super-consultant, as a point of reference for both the Ferrari president and Mattia Binotto,” the publication read.

Although his immediate circle expresses regret, Todt would have understood the situation. It’s not impossible that the 75-year-old Frenchman would return to Ferrari at some point in the future in a different capacity. As a result, there’s a probability Todt will be employed elsewhere by 2022.

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