Helmut Marko responds to reports that Red Bull failed FIA crash test

Helmut Marko responds to reports that Red Bull failed FIA crash test

Helmut Marko has responded to several reports and allegations that surfaced this week claiming Red Bull had failed an FIA crash test.

Red Bull Motorsport Advisor Helmut Marko has responded to claims that the team failed a frontal crash test on the RB20 by labelling them as ‘ridiculous’ while asserting that the Milton Keynes squad is pushing the boundaries of automotive design.

The defending double F1 World Champions failed their first frontal impact test for the new RB20 in preparation for their championship defense. Despite the fact that there was no sense of fear among Red Bull bosses, the Front Impact Structure Dynamic Test is simply one among multiple tests that need to be passed.

Marko, who will remain at Red Bull for a further three years after signing a new deal, declined to clarify whether the test was failed or not. However, he pointed out that ‘there would have been a problem’ if the team had passed the test on their first attempt.

“Ridiculous,” Marko said of the reports speaking to German publication F1-Insider. “If we had passed the first crash test, there would have been a problem because then we would have done a bad job.”

The RB20 is anticipated to equal the previously unheard-of degree of success in Formula 1 after dominating the 2023 season. Max Verstappen won 19 races en route to a third straight World Championship, while the RB19 won 21 of the 22 grand prix in last season.

The triple world champion is practical regarding the team’s capacity to perform at that level once more while being aware that rivals will probably be closing in on him in the coming season.

“To be honest I try not to think about it too much,” Verstappen told Chequered Flag podcast when asked if the RB20 can replicate what the RB19 achieved. “Of course, to try and have another season like that is highly unlikely.

“I think we have a lot of areas that we want to work on with the car, because we do believe that, you know, there are areas that we can do better. But then you know, others, they’re not stupid, you know, they will also improve the car and they will get closer to us.

“Naturally, I think in terms of like win rate and stuff, I don’t think it’s not realistic to achieve that again, but that’s fine.I mean, to have already a season like we’ve had is insane.

“So we can accept that. But most importantly is that we are fighting for the title again.”

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