Helmut Marko allegedly approached by a rival F1 team amid Red Bull wrangles

Helmut Marko allegedly approached by a rival F1 team amid Red Bull wrangles

According to reports, Red Bull Motorsports advisor Helmut Marko turned down a rival F1 team’s invitation to join their squad.

There appears to have been approaches from rival F1 teams for Helmut Marko’s services. This comes after recent reports that Red Bull was experiencing internal discord, and a rival squad aimed to capitalize on the team’s predicament.

The future of Helmut Marko at Red Bull Racing has been the subject of several rumors in recent weeks. According to reports, Christian Horner and Marko had a fall out, and Horner was considering terminating Marko’s contract.

Although Red Bull has refuted practically every part of these allegations, an adversary nonetheless intended to capitalize on them.

A rival Formula 1 team has reportedly contacted Marko, according to Business F1 magazine. There is no mention of a name, but this is apparently confirmed by sources close to Marko. However, Red Bull fans don’t have to worry about Marko leaving because he allegedly respectfully turned down the opportunity to join the rival team.

The primary cause of the rejection is the rationale behind the invitation. It is reported that Marko feels the opposing teams are more interested in getting information from him regarding Red Bull Racing than they are in really benefiting from his presence on the team.

Marko’s associates believe he may retire from Formula 1 altogether once his time with Red Bull Racing ends. Marko has been with Red Bull Racing his whole Formula 1 career and developed a strong personal relationship with the late Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz.

Max Verstappen has a great deal of respect for his Red Bull mentor. It was Marko who offered him a ride at Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso. After learning of the rumors, Verstappen reportedly came knocking on Red Bull Racing’s top management doors.

Verstappen will be gone as well if Marko departs. Right now, it doesn’t seem to have reached that point. In fact, Marko has already said that he will just remain at Red Bull.

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