Hamilton gets featured in Stormzy’s latest music video

Hamilton gets featured in Stormzy's latest music video

Seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton has made a brief cameo appearance in Stormzy’s latest music video “Longevity Flow.”

Stormzy’s fans are going to be aware of the rapper’s long-standing admiration for Lewis Hamilton. While Stormzy frequently appears at racing grounds to support Hamilton, you might be shocked to learn that Hamilton appears in his video.

Lewis Hamilton can be seen in the 0:59 mark in Stormzy’s latest music video “Longevity Flow,” which was uploaded on YouTube on Monday.

In the video, Hamilton appears to be standing in front of what looks to be Kensington Palace alongside Stormzy and his Mercedes F1 car, which is most likely the subject of interaction. The nicest aspect is that there are numerous Mercedes F1 cars sitting on the grass nearby.

Despite Hamilton’s surprise cameo in the video, it has a certain rhythm that will appeal to Stormzy fans.

Along with Hamilton, Hollywood legend Tom Cruise also unexpectedly makes an appearance in the video as he shakes hands with Stormzy. Again, the appearance lasts only a split second.

Since the release of the video, fans have been speculating about Lewis Hamilton’s first appearance into the music industry and whether he would work with Stormzy on a music video.

For the ones  who are unaware, Hamilton enjoys music a lot and has already established himself in the industry. The song “Pipe” by Christina Aguilera, which features none other than Lewis Hamilton himself featuring, was released in 2018.

Fans are left guessing on where Hamilton will appear in the music scene next, however it is probably after the hectic month of July, given that there are four races scheduled over the coming five weeks.

Hamilton acknowledges the significance of the next stage in the Formula 1 season while juggling his musical pursuits. Having recently finished on the podium in Spain and Canada, Hamilton is preparing for the upcoming Austrian Grand Prix and is hoping to continue his recent success.

Before the usual summer break in August, Hamilton’s month of July is expected to be packed with races in the UK, Hungary and Belgium.

Teams are scheduled to race on renowned European tracks as part of the racing calendar, giving Hamilton and Mercedes significant chances to demonstrate their enhanced performance.

Comparing the upgraded W14 to the car’s earlier version at the beginning of the year, signs of improvement have been noted.

Focusing on the Austrian Grand Prix and the following races, Hamilton and his team will be looking to maximize this crucial stage of the season.

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