Lewis Hamilton claims Mercedes bouncing issues are back

Lewis Hamilton claims Mercedes bouncing issues are back

Lewis Hamilton claims he suffered “big bouncing” in his Mercedes F1 car over the Belgian Grand Prix weekend.

Porpoising and bouncing was a problem that Mercedes’ W13 challenger struggled with for much of the previous season before they ultimately resolved it.

Although these challenges haven’t been as frequent this year, seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton admitted that his W14’s recurring bouncing issues made his weekend more difficult.

“It was kind of a non-eventful race,” Hamilton told Sky after finishing fourth in Sunday’s race in Belgium. “There wasn’t much going on and I wasn’t able to keep up with the cars ahead of me.

“I struggled at the beginning. The rear-end is our biggest issue and we had big bouncing this weekend so we were back to the bouncing like we had last year.

“At the end I was keeping the Ferrari within a few seconds but I couldn’t get any closer to battle and to get the fastest lap at the end, it was nice to have the gap to the car behind.

“The last lap was decent. It was gusty today, it was difficult out there to keep it on track.”

“Don’t know [what’s caused the bouncing]. To me it is a concern but we’ll work through the data this week and try and figure out what we do for the next race,” Hamilton responded when asked how serious the issue of return to bouncing is.

“I know what I want, I’m praying for it and I’m just waiting for the day we get it.”

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