In a light-hearted moment during the 2022 Australian Grand Prix Formula 1 drivers’ news briefings today in Melbourne, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen joked about nipple-piercings.

Hamilton was asked how the FIA’s ban on drivers wearing jewelry for safety reasons while racing would effect him during a press conference held at Albert Park between practice sessions on Friday.

Hamilton responded with a sly grin: “Well, I’ve got certain piercings that I really just can’t take out that not many people know of. No. I’m kidding, I’m kidding.”

“OK, I mean, it’s been the rule forever. Since I’ve been here, it’s been the rule, so there’s nothing new. I’m just going to come up with more jewellery next week.”

Upon which Verstappen was asked and replied: “Me? I will be too heavy if I wear jewellery. So it’s not possible…”

“I know you have a nipple-piercing man. Come on!” quipped Lewis.

Verstappen bounced back to get the last laugh: “You want to see it again?”

The apparent frostiness between the two appears to have melted, as they are no longer rubbing paint at the front of the pack.

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