Haas slapped with a €10k fine after tyre infringement in Hungary

Haas slapped with a €10k fine after tyre infringement in Hungary

Haas has been handed a €10,000 fine by the FIA after being found guilty of a tyre infringement twice during the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Just before qualifying, Haas was found to have violated the FIA’s stringent rules regarding when and which tyres should be returned to the Pirelli supplier over a race weekend.

Tyre allocation regulations also take into account rain and since FP1 was impacted by the weather and deemed wet, all drivers who utilized a set of intermediate tyres during the opening practice were given access to an extra set of intermediate tyres.

One used set of intermediate tyres must be electronically returned before the beginning of the qualifying session if this occurs, according to the rules, and that is where Haas ran into trouble.

The American team was deemed in violation of the rules for failing to electronically return a single set of intermediate tyres each for Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen prior to qualifying, despite the fact that the FIA noted that the team had actually returned the tyres.

A team representative was asked to meet with the stewards given that failing to do so electronically constituted a technical violation of Article 30.5 (g) of the Sporting Regulations.

The fact that Hulkenberg maintained his outstanding qualifying form this year and qualified for Q3 for a record-setting seventh time in 2023 was at least some good news for the team.

This happens after team boss Guenther Steiner made speculation that Hulkenberg would soon receive a new deal.

“We’ve already talked about it,” the Haas team boss said. “But it’s nicer when you can do it in person than by phone or video call.

“It won’t take us long. He’s [team owner Haas] coming there so hopefully, we can announce it as soon as possible.

“We’re happy with him.”

However, when that was brought up by the media, Hulkenberg responded evasively.

“I’ll sit down with him regardless,” the Haas driver said. “Maybe there is no deal to be done? Maybe a deal is in place? Who knows?

“I’m pretty happy and relaxed. I think it works both ways at the moment, and I’m enjoying myself.

“I think the team is also in a good place. So, there’s no reason not to think why that relationship shouldn’t continue like this.”

Magnussen’s qualifying performance was less than stellar; he will start P19 in the race on Sunday after withdrawing from qualifying early.

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