Haas lodge protest over United States Grand Prix

Haas lodge protest over United States Grand Prix

The Haas Formula 1 team has filed a right of review with the FIA regarding the outcomes of the United States Grand Prix.

Nearly two weeks have passed since the conclusion of the United States Grand Prix until the American team voiced its protest against the race results.

The reason behind Haas’ dissatisfaction is that it feels that some drivers repeatedly went over the track limits through the Turn 6 right-hander, essentially cutting the turn’s apex, without receiving any sort of penalty.

Haas hopes a delayed time penalty will be handed to at least one driver ahead of Nico Hulkenberg, as the German crossed the finish line in 11th place despite the fact that both drivers failed to score points for the team.

Haas F1 has filed a right of review request regarding track limits violations that were improperly applied to drivers during the 56-lap race, according to a team representative. Teams have 14 days from the conclusion of a race, as per Formula 1 rules, to file a protest.

Although all the specifics of the protest are still unknown, it is reasonable to presume that the main issue is that several cars are trying to cut the turn at Turn 6.

In interviews with the media following the race, McLaren’s Lando Norris acknowledged taking shortcuts at the same corner.

“I did it as well, to be honest,” Norris said. “I knew it was a corner they couldn’t penalise me because they set the precedent in previous tracks of ‘if you can’t visually see it, you’re going to get away with it’.

“You have to know the grey areas and the things you can get away with and that was one of them. So to everyone that did to it, fair play.

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“It’s just a grey area, they didn’t have cameras there, so, yep.”

But given that the Britishman finished second in the race behind Max Verstappen, this remark might come back to haunt him. It also comes after Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc were both disqualified from the race due to a violation of the technical rules.

Haas will probably additionally provide video of other cars cutting the sweeping Turn 6 in protest in addition to Norris’ confession.

Since there were no track cameras in the proper locations to demonstrate whether or not the rear tyres were over the line at Turn 6, the majority of the video footage may have come from Hulkenberg and Magnussen’s onboard cameras.

With 12 points, Haas is currently last in the Constructors’ Standings, only four points behind AlphaTauri and Alfa Romeo. They haven’t scored in any of the previous three races, and Magnussen was involved in a terrifying crash during the Mexico City Grand Prix.

The final standings of each team at the end of the season have a big impact on prize money, which varies from $10–$15 million per Championship spot this year based on Formula 1 revenue. In order for Haas to better its relative performance for the 2024 season, this will be vital.

The U.S. Grand Prix stewards will be virtually assembled by the FIA next week to hear Haas’ right of review.

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