Gasly considering other options after 2023

Gasly considering other options after 2023

Pierre Gasly’s hopes of a second chance at Red Bull were shattered last week when they confirmed that Sergio Perez had signed a new two-year contract extension with the team.

However, AlphaTauri driver Pierre Gasly isn’t shocked that Sergio Perez was retained by Red Bull as the second driver to reigning world champion Max Verstappen.

The Frenchman has been battling for a return to Red Bull’s main team, but Perez’s new two-year term now overlaps with Gasly’s contract, which only runs until the end of 2023.

Gasly may now start talking to other teams since, while he has a contract in place until 2023 as Red Bull does not have an option on him after that.

The 26-year old has already been linked to Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren racing seat, with Aston Martin also being considered. In addition, there’s Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes seat, which could be available in 2024, though the British driver says he’s not ready to retire his helmet just yet.

Gasly’s chances of landing a top drive have improved in recent years, as he has finished on the podium in each of his first two years back with AlphaTauri after being demoted by Red Bull.

His victory in the Italian Grand Prix earned him a spot in the history of AlphaTauri, making him only the second man after Sebastian Vettel to win with the Faenza-based team. As a result, he continues to pique the interest of F1 commentators, with Felipe Massa claiming that he deserves a top drive and F1 columnist Tom Clarkson urging him to seek greener pastures.

While Gasly appreciates the compliments, he says he doesn’t know where he’ll end up in the driver market and is willing to explore his choices.

“Their intention is quite clear they want to keep me,” Gasly said ahead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku. “I have nothing to add to what has been said so far.”

“These are discussions that are underway where we try to see what everyone’s desires are.”

“I feel ready to move on to a higher stage, but when there are more concrete things there will be more to say.”

Gasly claims he was not taken off guard by Perez’s contract announcement following the Monaco Grand Prix, which the Mexican won.

“I already knew that for a while, it’s also the logic of things… I’m not an idiot,” he revealed. “In relation to his profile, his performance, the money he brings… If you look at what the second driver has to provide, he’s doing that.”

“He is having a good season so for them it makes sense to keep going like this. In relationship to my career, my ambitions, my desires, that’s another question.”

Despite the fact that Gasly has been linked to McLaren, who are ahead of AlphaTauri in the Constructors’ Championship this year and beat them last season, Marko believes Red Bull’s junior squad is still the greatest option for the driver’s future.

“We are discussing my future with Helmut Marko,” he said. “We must understand what is best for all of us. We have a very good relationship – they’ve known me since childhood.”

“On the one hand, I understand the position of the team. But that doesn’t mean that everything should remain as it is with me. I think in the end we will find some solution.”

“My contract is valid until 2023 and after that I am ready to consider any options. With the support of Red Bull, I’m ready to drive in another team, as Alex Albon is now in Williams.”

“I’m ready to leave the Red Bull program, but I don’t want to go into details. I don’t want to make headlines.”

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