Ford reveals seventh-generation Mustang, to debut in 2024 Cup Series

Ford reveals seventh-generation Mustang, to debut in 2024 Cup Series

Ford took the covers off the 2024 Ford Mustang in Detroit on Wednesday.

The seventh-generation Ford Mustang was presented Wednesday evening at the Detroit auto show.

For the NASCAR Cup Series, this signifies a refresh of Ford’s Next Gen kit for 2024 since an improved road car signals updates for its racing counterparts.

For its introduction, Ford put six different Mustang race car variations on display, covering everything from SCAA to NHRA, Supercars, and NASCAR.

According to Mark Rushbrook, worldwide director of Ford Performance, the launch of the updated Ford Cup car will coincide with a number of planned improvements to the road-going model.

“So, 2024 is the target to actually update to this new seventh-generation Mustang,” Rushbrook said.

“We’re going to keep building them and selling them around the world and racing them around the world, too…The 2024 Cup car will be based on the new seventh-generation Mustang.”

The new road version of the Mustang has been improved in every way compared to the present generation, but its interior, which has an immersive digital cockpit with fighter aircraft inspiration, will be the most significant difference.

Among other features includes animated welcome lights as a driver approaches the car. Additionally, Ford is launching Remote Rev, which will let users rev the engine remotely using a key fob. Furthermore, a manual transmission is still available.

“A lot more screens and space and better interface and experience for the driver and passengers,” said Rushbrook.

“Then everything underneath it, in terms of continuing to update and refine the engine, the driveline, the chassis dynamics. [Those] really take some steps forward.”

“To have the seventh generation Mustang coming out as a road car is fantastic for our company, our customers, and for racing fans because Mustangs also belong on the racetrack.”

“We’ve grown the number of series over the years where we have Mustangs racing, and that will continue to grow with this seventh generation of Mustang.”

The new Mustang will go on sale from Ford in the summer of 2023.

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