Ford awaits the results of Christian Horner’s investigation

Ford awaits the results of Christian Horner's investigation

Ford has stressed its “family values” and “very high standards of behaviour and integrity” as it awaits the results of Red Bull’s ongoing investigation into claims of inappropriate behaviour leveled against Christian Horner.

Ford Motorsports CEO Mark Rushbrook stated that the US automaker expects “very high standards of behaviour and integrity” as it awaits the results of the ongoing investigation against Red Bull team principal Christian Horner.

The longest-serving team boss in Formula One’s history is currently defending himself against claims of inappropriate conduct made by a female Red Bull Racing employee. He has vehemently and publicly refuted the accusations, and on Thursday he was present at Red Bull’s 2024 car launch.

Ford has emerged as the first of Red Bull’s current partners to address the Horner controversy. This comes as the automaker is scheduled to become a technical engine partner of the reigning world champions in 2026.

Ford is awaiting the results of the Horner investigation, according to global head of Ford Performance Motorsport Mark Rushbrook who made a statement on Friday at Daytona International Speedway.

“As a family company, and a company that holds itself to very high standards of behavior and integrity, we do expect the same from our partners,” Rushbrook said. “It appears to us, and what we’ve been told, was that Red Bull is taking the situation very seriously. And of course, they’re worried about their brand, as well.

“And that’s why they’ve got an independent investigation and until we see what truth comes out of that, it’s too early for us to comment on it all.”

It’s unclear what Horner is alleged to have done to a Red Bull staff member as the parent company based in Austria initiated the probe, which at first appeared to be centered around Horner’s “aggressive management style.”

However, the F1 community has been overrun with rumours and speculations over the last two weeks, and as of Friday, news sources reported Horner’s allegations included accusations of sexual misconduct.

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Additionally, there’s a lot of talk that the leaks are the work of three-time world champion Max Verstappen and his father Jos, given that a lot of the unverified reports originate from Dutch media outlets.

Dutch racer Verstappen stated at the unveiling on Thursday that he and Horner remain to be on “very good” terms ahead of the upcoming season.

“We´ve seen each other quite a few times. We´ve achieved a lot of things together so that doesn´t change suddenly,” he said. “My contact with Christian has been the same as on the first day. It´s been like normal.”

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