Lewis Hamilton will not be facing any punishment for wearing a Breonna Taylor t-shirt in the Tuscan Grand Prix last weekend.

The Mercedes world champion had put on a shirt that was bearing the writings ‘ARREST THE COPS WHO KILLED BREONNA TAYLOR’ before and later in the podium after his victory in the Sunday’s race at Mugello.

Lewis Hamilton on the podium beside teammate Valtteri Bottas after the Tuscan Grand Prix race

Following the nature and politics behind the t-shirt, there were reports that the Formula 1 governing body, FIA could be looking to punish the 6-time world champion but however, FIA later acknowledged that they will not be taking any action against the driver in relation to the incident.

Hamilton’s shirt back

The message donned on the shirt had received mixed reactions, with some standing with Lewis Hamilton supporting the American who was brutally shot dead by police officers. Others saw the issue as politics stating that it should be kept away from Formula 1.

FIA had said the matter was under active consideration as they were investigating into the matter but they later decided not to punish Hamilton for breaching their status. Despite their decision not to charge the driver who is currently leading for the 2020 Drivers Championship, FIA will be looking to prevent such messages to be broadcasted in the future.

“There will be no further action, we will have a discussion with him and produce clarification (over podium protocol) in the next race director’s notes.” FIA spokesman said in a statement.

In relation to such matters, FIA has been working alongside Hamilton and his fellow F1 drivers, mostly in the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement where the drivers kneel wearing branded t-shirts before every race and also on branded helmets for some drivers. They are also keen to protect their status as a non-political organisation.

The Formula 1 teams are now on a week long break before the Russian Grand Prix on the 27 September. Lewis Hamilton sits at the top of the drivers standings with 190 points as his teammate Valtteri Bottas comes second with 135 points.

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