FIA and FIM partner in fight against online abuse

FIA and FIM partner in fight against online abuse

Formula One’s governing body FIA and FIM (Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme) signed a partnership deal as part of a global alliance to combat sports-related online abuse.

Ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix, FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem and his FIM counterpart Jorge Viegas signed an agreement at Spa-Francorchamps.

The FIA and FIM are going to back the battle against online hate speech in sport, which is a significant concern for both sport and society, as part of their recently negotiated partnership.

The commitment calls for maintaining and promoting guidelines for the suppression of all forms of online hate speech in sports as well as for its prevention, propagation, and eradication.

As part of the effort to banish online hate speech from sports, it also entails keeping lines of communication open with all parties involved, including athletes, volunteers, officials, spectators, online platforms, internet companies, the government and regulatory agencies.

“The signing of the Charter by FIM is part of our mission to build a global coalition to stop hate speech in sport,” Mohammed Ben Sulayem said.

“We are grateful for the support of Jorge Viegas and his team as we take steps to drive out online abuse, which has become a blight on all sport.

“Sustained toxicity has reached deplorable levels and we must take collaborative action. Only through collaborative action can we bring about behavioural and regulatory change.”

Sharing information and research on online hate speech in sport is another important component of this initiative. This will help eradicate its negative effects and keep sport social.

“By signing the charter today, FIM gives its support to the FIA’s United Against Online Abuse campaign alongside the sporting bodies, online platforms, governments and regulatory bodies,” FIM President Jorge Viegas said.

“Sport is a fantastic platform to teach values such as fairness, teamwork, equality, inclusion and respect.

“Together we must do everything possible to promote a transparent, positive sports environment to change attitudes and tackle hate speech and online abuse in sport.”

The deal also encourages a cooperative approach between sporting bodies, online platforms, technology companies, governments and regulatory bodies to promote a transparent, positive and open sports environment that can mitigate the effects of online hate speech in sport.

The agreement is a key component of the FIA’s United Against Online Abuse campaign, a cooperative effort with national governments, oversight agencies, and other sporting groups with the goal of creating a global coalition to stop hate speech in sport.

The governing organizations of rugby, athletics, a variety of other sports, the Peace and Sport Organization and the IOC are all involved in extensive talks with the FIA.

Prince Albert of Monaco, the leaders of Malaysia and Spain, the British minister for trade, and the prime minister of Slovenia are just a few of the leaders who have backed the effort.

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