Ferrari unveils burgundy livery for its 1000th F1 GP at Mugello

Ferrari unveils burgundy livery for its 1000th F1 GP at Mugello

Ferrari has revealed its 1000th celebratory livery for its 1000th Grand Prix which will be at Mugello this weekend.

Both Ferrari SF1000 cars driven by Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel will have a burgundy shade that was used by Ferrari 125 F1 cars which raced for the team in its debut in 1950 at the Monaco Grand Prix which is some seventy years ago.

Both Ferrari racers(Leclerc and Vettel) will also have special suits for this race weekend matching in with the classic livery which will have a retro numbering and a logo written ‘1000 GP’ written on the engine cover.

Ferrari also plans to mark the 1000th race with celebrations in nearby Florence on Saturday night which will also feature a demonstration run of Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F2004 which won the 2004 Formula 1 Championship on Sunday, the race day with Schumacher’s son, Mick Schumacher at the wheel.

Ferrari unveils burgundy livery for its 1000th F1 GP at Mugello
Michael Schumacher’s Ferrari F2004

Ferrari is the only team that has participated in all the 71 Formula 1 seasons managing to win 238 of the overall events making it the team with the highest number of victories than any other team in the history.

Ferrari owns the Mugello circuit and the Tuscan Grand Prix with be the first race 2020 that the fans will be allowed to attend as close to 3,000 tickets will be available for the event.

“Scuderia Ferrari’s 1000th Grand Prix is a very important milestone, therefore it had to be marked in a special way,” said Piero Ferrari, the vice-chairman of Ferrari.

“That’s why we decided to run a unique livery on the cars for this event, with the SF1000s taking to the track at the Mugello Circuit in the Burgundy colour first seen on the 125, the first racing car to carry the Ferrari name.”

“Even the look of the race numbers on Charles’ and Sebastian’s cars will reflect the tradition of the past, giving the impression of being hand painted onto the bodywork, while the drivers’ race suits will also match the car colour.” Pierro Ferrari added.

“It’s a tribute to our origins, to our starting point for the amazing Ferrari story, characterised by an endless desire to compete, alongside the will to build road cars that are exceptional in terms of technology and design.”

“Ferrari is unique in the world, because the company has the soul of a car manufacturer and of a racing team, an inseparable link that is never questioned. Only a few months ago, no one could have imagined that our thousandth race could take place at our own Mugello circuit. I am pleased that in the Grand Prix official name, Formula 1 chose to pay tribute to Ferrari, the only team that has always been present in the sport’s seventy one year history.”

Ferrari unveils burgundy livery for its 1000th F1 GP at Mugello
Ferrari 125 F1 in its glorydays

As an honour to Ferrari 100th Grand Prix ,Mercedes has decided to paint The Formula 1 Safety Car which is a Mercedes AMG GTR road car from silver to red.

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