Ferrari hit with BoP changes after Le Mans victory

Ferrari hit with BoP changes after Le Mans victory

Ferrari’s Hypercar which won the Le Mans 24 Hours will have its performance lowered for the upcoming World Endurance Championship event.

The latest change to the WEC’s Balance of Performance will force the two Ferrari 499Ps to take on their home race at Monza this weekend five kilograms heavier and with less horsepower than any of the other entries.

A change to the BoP made before the series’ championship race at the La Sarthe circuit last month infuriated Toyota. After the BoP was changed to go against the GR010 Hybrids, who easily won the first three WEC rounds at Sebring, Algarve and Spa-Francorchamps, Chairman Akio Toyoda declared that they had “lost to politics.”

Toyota’s performance will be even worse for Monza. Their weight has not changed but their engine’s output has been reduced to 507kW.

Ferrari, though, was more significantly impacted by the most recent BoP changes. The 499Ps will have 10kW less power than Toyota’s GR010s in addition to gaining weight. While Ferrari is still able to use up to 893MJ of energy every stint, the GR010s are still only allowed to use up to 908MJ.

The BoP for the forthcoming round has seen the most significant adjustment with regard to Cadillac. The V-Series.R’s weight has been cut by 14 kg, but it has also had its power output and energy consumption per stint reduced by 15 kW and 15 MJ, respectively.

For the races that come after Monza at Fuji and Bahrain, which will wrap up the seven-round season, the FIA has also approved more BoP changes. Toyota will be allotted 514kW in their home race which is 7kW higher than at Monza, while Ferrari will only be allowed 505kW.

The latest adjustments according to the governing body, give each of the three circuits remaining on the season’s calendar a varied value in order to account for their distinct individual qualities.

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