F1 owners Liberty Media halves the prize money for 2021

F1 owners Liberty Media halves the prize money for 2021

With the budget cap introduced in 2021, the FIA has taken the first step towards a fairer championship. During the 2020 season, a season did eventually get underway, but without fans and with little income for Liberty Media. As a result, the teams will also receive less money from F1 next season. The money the teams receive will even be halved.

That is what Auto, Motor und Sport says. This means that a team such as Racing Point only gets USD 30 million, whereas it should have been USD 59 million. For the big teams, there is even less money coming in. Mercedes now receives USD 126 million in prize money instead of 177 million, a reduction of USD 51 million.

The German medium has made a comparison with 2019, the last year that F1 could organise a season without major problems. The biggest loser is Ferrari, which gets more than fifty million dollars less. Mercedes sees a decrease of 32 million dollars, because the Bernie Ecclestone arrangement also gives the German team a history bonus of 21 million dollars.

Teams that receive more in 2021 are mainly those in midfield, because they will have scored much more points in 2020 than in 2019. The entire field was a lot closer together, so midfield also managed to take the podium more often. In the end Racing Point got the most points. They will receive 41 million dollars more in 2021 than in 2019.

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