Thu. Oct 21st, 2021

F1 Medical Car team has been changed prior to this weekend’s Turkish Grand Prix after testing positive for COVID-19, FIA has confirmed.

Alan Van der Merwe who is the medical car driver and Dr Ian Roberts, the F1 medical rescue co-ordinator and deputy medical delegate tested positive for COVID-19 before travelling to Turkey according to FIA. They will be under self-isolation and will not be participating in the Turkish Grand Prix this weekend at Istanbul park.

The duo will be replaced by Formula E Safety Car driver Bruno Correia who will be driving the F1 Safety Car this weekend and Formula E medical delegate Dr Bruno Franceschini who will replace Dr Ian Roberts.

43-year-old Bruno Correia has been driving the Formula E safety car since the series started in 2014, driving the BMW i8 and later the Mini Electric Pacesetter which replaced it this year. Before that, Correia was the Safety Car driver for the World Touring Car Championship and European Touring Car Cup. He has competed in the Portuguese Formula Ford series and Spanish Formula Renault during his racing career

Bernd Maylander will continue to drive the Safety Car as usual at the Turkish Grand Prix.

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